Thursday, December 18, 2008

No more Pixar class at Academy.

It's sad the class is no longer available for students, as myself thought about going back and take the class once again.

I have a mixed feeling about shot animator. I have to admit that I was focusing on creating small exercises for my demo reel to get my first step into the industry. If I was creating my own short film at school, I could have gone more creative in a way, but I don't think I could have gotten where I am right now, which is where I feel settled financially and be creative at home. As opposed to what I did in order to get a job, what I've been doing at real production is more of team work. Dealing with Story point of the shot, hook ups and continuity. That's the things we've been talking about the most at work. I'm not saying we don't need polish for the shot, just saying polish without spirit of the shot doesn't do a job.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the mood they had. That was very competitive to get in to Pixar class. But even before I got in to the class there were a lot of great things happening at PC lab. I don't forget "mentorship" given to me from Denis or Tom who were already in the class at that point. Even after I got into the class I learned a lot from people around me, Tun, KC, Tomo, Hyunjung, Jin, Key and Joe. Something makes Pixar class so special, but by the time I was graduating the school, I felt things were going way too extreme. I saw many people who were just trying to figure out the formula to get in to the class and forget about the point of learning animation. The school was making things worse by narrowing the door for the class in a way, as opposed to what Dr. Gordon intended to.

I don't know what could be an alternative solution fot this. I just feel sad that they've gone. but I also know they're extremely passionate about teaching animation. So I just hope they will be back in some kind of form after they take some break.