Monday, November 27, 2006

yeah... a post!

yope. It's been a while. is still someone up there? I finally got my PC and scanner working at home. I still don't get my internet connection tho.

I didn't get much of time to doodle around now, so only picture I got here is mainly from the Quick drawing workshop that I found and decided to join here in Tokyo. The class is okay, just a bit longer poses than I was used to draw.

In the company I have been studying so much mainly for Rigging and Pipeline stuff. have been studied Matrix technique to speed up my rig at home. Wrote some scripts. Trying to improve a rig by talking with Animator. It's been a lot of fun. We just got new person came from Pixar, he has been working at there for about 6 years I heard. So there will be much of exicitement for sure.

It's just matter of time. I'm getting more and more free time as I'm get used to work in the office. So I will start my own project and Animation practice in a short amount of time. hope I can post some of it here and getting some feedback.