Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vote for Pedro! No! Kevin and Marcus!


Okay, I'm still having hard time believing my eyes. My friend Marcus Thelie, who I believe one of the greatest talent, made a comic book with his friend Kevin Buckley. Now they are in a comic book contest. I spend some time with them in a dorm about 3 years ago. They both are really talented. "Really". Kevin uses ColErase like a magic wand. Marcus' monkey drawings are just like he got a zoo in his sketchbook (but the zoo only has monkeys :D Damn, Kevin was a huge guy. I still cannot believe that he lost his weight so drastically! Kevin, you remember that we talked bout Painter 5 at the basement? Man, how can I forget your song that you played for me, Marcus. I'm really happy for them. They both worked so hard. Vote for them!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Music week.

Doodle of the day.

So I've been taking full advantage of YouTube by using it as my time machine. I happened to looked up the band that I was listening in my high school days, named Cloudberry Jam. Their video and music flashed me back in time. I was there with my friends, family and my old CDs. The choice of my music was a bit British oriented, but probably some people get the same nostalgic feel if we live in same era. Here's some of the bands that I'm missing. Blur, Bluetones, Supergrass, Menswear, Silver Sun, Summercamp, yea sure Oasis, Ben Folds Five and good old Green Day.