Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vote for Pedro! No! Kevin and Marcus!


Okay, I'm still having hard time believing my eyes. My friend Marcus Thelie, who I believe one of the greatest talent, made a comic book with his friend Kevin Buckley. Now they are in a comic book contest. I spend some time with them in a dorm about 3 years ago. They both are really talented. "Really". Kevin uses ColErase like a magic wand. Marcus' monkey drawings are just like he got a zoo in his sketchbook (but the zoo only has monkeys :D Damn, Kevin was a huge guy. I still cannot believe that he lost his weight so drastically! Kevin, you remember that we talked bout Painter 5 at the basement? Man, how can I forget your song that you played for me, Marcus. I'm really happy for them. They both worked so hard. Vote for them!


marcus said...


thank you very much for the plug, atsushi. i often think of those special times at the dorms; we've all come a long way since then, and it's exciting to think where we might be going. seeing all the beautiful work here, i can tell you've been keeping yourself very, very busy (as usual).

so anyway- thank you, take care, keep in touch, & ガンバッテ!!

marcus 'parcus' thiele

Atsushi said...

光陰矢のごとし! haha, awesome!

Sheldon recently told me about you and your blog. I'm very happy to see your monkey drawings again! and for the contest, too! Althought I'm back here in Japan for a while til my money is ready, I'm sure we're in the right path.

take good care of your health. and show us what you do. I'll be getting tons of inspirations from your work later on.