Monday, January 25, 2010

Someone out there.

Yes, I know it's been ages. I'm actually quite surprised to see it's been a year since I did last post. To be honest, I felt my sketches were getting worse and worse, not in terms of draftsmanship or technique but style. I always felt that I was just reproducing what's been done by someone else, not creating something by my own. At some point I got sick and tired of watching my own stuff, and I quit drawing.

A work has been busy as well. It's been almost 2 years since I moved to Singapore. I'm now officially moved in to ILM Singapore and still animating. One of the movies that I worked on will be coming up in theater very soon but I can't talk much about it and the one I'm currently working on either. It's been hectic sometimes, it sure is not an easy job. My hair was and is always gray but I've also learnt how not to sacrifice my life for the job. I hope those sweaty hours that I put into my animation will pay off when I got to theater.

As I see a new way of communication is evolving past few years, I thought of closing the blog once again. But I'm not here to say I'm discontinuing the blog. But I've started to use Twitter instead. It's been quite useful for both communicating and gathering information. Then I thought about those people who is still reading this blog should be notified at some point, right? So here it goes. Though I'm not twitting about anything work related, if you are interested, follow me, or you can always remove from your list as you wish. I will try to follow you back as long as you are not posting 100 tweets a day.