Friday, December 22, 2006

Every New Day.

Doodle of the day.

What I wrote here is a lyrics of a song called Every New Day from my favorite band Five Iron Frenzy. Although I'm not a Christian personally, I think the song is such a beautiful song. I've never had a specific religion in my life, but I've met great friends and one great guy taught me oneday how to pray. By meeting such a friend and listening the music like FIF, it's actually affecting the way of my life. in a good way.

So, it's almost end of the year. I wish you all the great holiday and happy new year!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cats will dance, anyhow.

This small dude is from personal project I'm working on. My friend wanted to do facial rig. She, Amy, is my working buddy sitting next to me in the office. Since her speciality is in facial rigging, I will ask her to do so, and I will rig up his body and animate. I got some story for him but not sure how much I can go with it. So I might end up with only animation test. But yea I think it's great chance to work with friend and exchange our knowledge.

The company I'm working on, they made a rig for the feature Valiant, so we do have great resource on feathers. I'm in the middle of researching it. Although I won't do crazy feather setup on him.

I also wrote some scripts and am rewriting my Arc script now. so there will be an update in a short amount of time. But don't expect me high, I'm working hard every day and doing some freelance job as well. Plus, I'm also being crazy about knowing about Matrix now. Matrix is good. and fun.

So yea it seems like I'm busy. I guess I am.