Monday, November 27, 2006

yeah... a post!

yope. It's been a while. is still someone up there? I finally got my PC and scanner working at home. I still don't get my internet connection tho.

I didn't get much of time to doodle around now, so only picture I got here is mainly from the Quick drawing workshop that I found and decided to join here in Tokyo. The class is okay, just a bit longer poses than I was used to draw.

In the company I have been studying so much mainly for Rigging and Pipeline stuff. have been studied Matrix technique to speed up my rig at home. Wrote some scripts. Trying to improve a rig by talking with Animator. It's been a lot of fun. We just got new person came from Pixar, he has been working at there for about 6 years I heard. So there will be much of exicitement for sure.

It's just matter of time. I'm getting more and more free time as I'm get used to work in the office. So I will start my own project and Animation practice in a short amount of time. hope I can post some of it here and getting some feedback.


Anonymous said...

Dude, u rock!

Atsushi said...

thanks man. but honestly im not rocking.

i think my drawing is focusing too much on techniques. but im missing important part, coming up with a good story, w/out good story, we have no way to get a good character.

its been only three years since ive started drawing. ive met many of talented friends spending over 10 years. im not expecting myself can be doing as good as they do. i know that. but i cannot stop doing that now. so i just keep doing it hoping i get better for later because theres no way that i can improve without doing that, even though im making a shit out of it.

my gf also told me that my drawing is getting weaker and weaker. and i agree on that. its time to start thinking more and more about story.

anyways... marcelo! keep your blog posting man. im checking yours. come on Blogger!