Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Going back to Japan.

Sorry I've been inactive on this blog lately. I have something to tell you, but if you don't wanna waste your time, don't read all of this below. It's all of my excuses.

I got some companies who really wants me as an Animator. But always my degree has been problem. well, actually my degree is not problem for companies but it is problem for U.S. government. Government needs me to have a Bachelor or higher degree in order to get H-1B visa (working visa). It was okay to get H-1B with Associates degree before 911.

I got a previous job at Gateway Japan, right after my graduation of highschool, because I was really crazy about computer and programming at that time. (well, I'm still crazy as you probably know :) So I've never been in a college in Japan. Then I came here but only degree I got at AAU was Associates degree, just because of my budget.

I talked with some lawyer personally, and companies also talked with their lawyer, if there's any way that I could get working permission here. But there seems no way around. I still have OPT, which is 1 year permission to work here legally, but companies don't want to hire the person who will quit in a year.

So now, I'm going back to Japan.

It hurts, actually. Probably it wouldn't hurt as much if company said my skill is not qualified. Personally I don't really care about degree. What I can do is the most important thing for me. But I also know this is how it is. So I'm planning to go back to Japan now, and work/save money, then will come back here in 3 years to finish my Bachelor. I'm 27 years old now. So I guess this will be my last chance.

I really appreciate my family and friends who understand my situation and decided to support me. All of my friends I met in this school is my treasure. Some of them are already kicking ass in the industry. So I don't feel bad at all. I'm sure I will come back. Luckily, one Japanese company is having interest on me as a Rigger. So I'm making my Rigging Reel right now. I'm sure I will post here pretty soon.

For those who is wondering bout existence of this blog, don't worry I won't quit this blog, and I will never stop being drawing junkie :D


Vanessa said...

Hey Atsushi! :) Hisashiburi! I'm sorry to hear that you're going back to Japan, but at the same time, that's amazing that so many companies wanted you to work for them! Your stuff is always so amazing. :) I wish you the best - keep in touch!

--Vanessa from storyboarding.

Atsushi said...

Wa-i! Vanessa da! Arigatou!

I didn't know you have been reading this blog. How can I forget about you? I still write the character "a" as you do.

It was hard decision to make, but I don't feel that bad. Going back to Japan, doesn't mean I will quit what I'm doing. And I can pursue my dream of coming back to U.S. when my money is ready. So situation is not that bad.

You must contact me next time you will visit Tokyo, now you have a sketch mate in Japan :D

Atsushi said...

I really don't know who else is reading my blog, man.

Jin said...

I am reading your stuff. don't worry~ haha

dhruvsm-3Dart said...

hey atsushi...i'm dhruv and i'm from india..and work as a freelance cg artist.....even i'll be having the same problem if i opt for an working option like that...as i also don't have a professional college degree....as even i's always crazy about professional work rather than a mere degree...but life is like that and rules r rules....feeling a bit down to here that inspite of that talent, u'll have to go back to japan and get what u want..u still have lots of time in life, u r only 27..!!...as i',m 32 now...and trying to persue a dgree from this year wihich will take me another 3 years!!!....i'm sure u'll bounce back and higher with more experience!!....nice to se all ur works they r great!!...so all the best buddy...

Atsushi said...

Jin, that's y i luv u.

dhruvsm, I really appreciate your time to post your comments here. yea, I'm not a terrorist neither criminal, u know, I just wanna work here. but gov doesn't understand that. I still don't know whats gonna happen in the future, if there's another 911 or maybe WW3? gov might raise the degree requirement again. who knows.

In my life time, 3 years is pretty short actually. And I know that's worth for later. So it's not bad idea at all at least IMHO.

I dunno how did you find this blog, but wherever you came from, it would be really appreciated if you can check me back and maybe drop some comments for future. like i said, i'm not stopping what i was doing. so.

Harry "Hare" Sanchez said...

I read your blog dude. I wish you THE BEST OF LUCK Atsushi and just keep doing what you do.


Rico said...


I'm sad that you will be leaving as would everyone here would but I'm sure you'll be back here working. No problem. When are you leaving? Keep in contact. You're young and have time.. everyone does. I'm 38. It's scary making a huge carrer change but it's a dream you have to chase. Keep chasing!
You know where to find me on the net.

Atsushi said...

thank you guys. I really appreciate it.

Rico, I haven't got chance to know how old you are. I'm surprised, because you looked so young :D

these days, we have the internet. I can talk with you guys from Japan. How great this is. Even I'm in Japan, I still can get most of the things I want, except for Reese's chocolate and Ben & Jerry's.

Olivier Ladeuix said...

thanks for that post by the way. I found this very surprising. Such a good artist... After reading your post I actually started to contact few universities in order to finish my degree. I would be really upset to be stopped from working anywhere I want because I didn't finish my studies.