Friday, September 15, 2006

Dirty lines.

Doodle of the day. I meant to polish more, but I'm running out of energy for this. I'm sick of this.

My line is too dirty. I'm not talking about how much I go for polish. My line just isn't telling story, gesture, forms and everything. I kinda like gorilla guy, but hate the girl. This is just doodle. I'm just moving my hands with pencil. I'm not thinking enuf to pick the line. Amazing that I realized by one word from my friend, "Simplify". I know I need more practice. And that's the only way we get better. Draw it man, DRAW!

oh, btw, I got a job in Tokyo, Japan. The company is called Polygon Pictures, Inc. They do CG shots for TV series/ads and Game movie stuff. I will be a Rigger. I'm still hoping if I could have some chance to animate actual shots tho. I still have most of my passion in Animation, so I will be spending my spare time for drawing and doing personal animation tests. But it's not bad idea at all to kick off my career as a Rigger, for my future path.

I will go to the school on next Tuesday once again, in order to say good bye to all of Pixar class friends and of course, teachers.


Rico said...

Congrats on getting the job! I hope to see you Tuesday somewhere in lab. If I do miss you - take care and keep animating!

Atsushi said...

Tun and some of my friends are planning to have dinner after the Pixar class next week. I'm not sure where we should go that late in SF. You might be able to join us if you have time.

Anonymous said...

huaaaa... well congrats for the job..
we'll miss you here..
sorry didn't get a chance to meet you before i moved

Anonymous said...

dude can i get the light box mel ?