Thursday, May 03, 2007


Doodle of the day.


[sukosaki] said...

impressive drawing skills, especially for a "doodle".

Anonymous said...


hey sush.. it's kc here. You have some nice stuff on this thing, how's animation going?

Atsushi said...

thanks for your compliments sukosaki.

yo KC. im glad you still stopping by here. ive been busy at work, not animation but rigging mainly. ive learned so many stuff that i never thought of. but yea im missing a moments of animation right now. it's really hard to get some time to animate when i get back to home. really. BUT, yea im not giving up, will get there eventually. check me back for more update!

btw, based on how much im saving now, it will be on 2010 that i go back to states. i hope visa situation would be better.

m.j. Nuñez said...

tu estilo es muy bueno,ilustraciones muy agradables.

Atsushi said...

agradece mucho por tu elogio!

About Me said...

Well, I like Your work. I'm always impressed.