Thursday, October 18, 2007

Drawing Junkie temporary suspended.

I'm just letting you know that I won't be able to update this blog for a while, for those of who is keep visiting my blog, you don't wanna waste your time. There's a bunch of fair reasons why I've been procrastinating, if there could be :P for one, I'm leaving Tokyo now, things are getting busier. But I'm thinking to bring my scanner with me. I will try to get back to the world of blogging again asap. so just for now, go find something else to enjoy. play your dog! and give your gf a nice kiss.

I will be saving my doodles in the meantime!
see ya!


Marcelo said...

Wow, dude! I heard from Ray you're heading up in the world. That's awesome!
Congratulations! U deserve it!


Atsushi said...


Rico said...

You better bring your scanner dude! I look forward to seeing your doodles!! Good luck on the move and your new venture! Can you say, IKEA?! hahahaha!

Atsushi said...


yucrunk said...

Where are you going?
It was pretty to see you last month.
I started a new thing as well!