Wednesday, June 18, 2008

4th dimension in our animation.

Today I had a small talk with my friends at work. Then I noticed very important element for animation, or maybe art in general, that cranks up our animation to the next level. Are you ready for this? That is "love".

In this episode we are currently working on, I got my favorite female character that relatively appeals to my eye more than any other characters in the show. So I kept saying the character is cute. Today one of my buddies told me that I've fallen in love with an imaginary character. I went back to my seat and thought about it. then I was like That's it!

Yes he's right! I'm in love with 3D character on my screen. sounds too nerdy eh? But seriously though, I noticed I've completely stopped surfing web site when I was animating that character. And spent time on every single details to get it right even though we are on TV schedule here.

Once we're all done with animation basics such as Timing, Spacing, Follow Through and Ease in/out. At the end of the day it's all about how we project the character's feeling into 2 dimensional screen. In order to do that right, I need to know what the character is thinking, not only surficial level but in more deeper level. If I'm in love with what I'm animating, it just comes natural.

My buddies laughed at me when I was proposing this. well, I agree this kinda sounds too geeky. But I still think "love" brings another extra dimension to our animation, so I'm sharing this with you guys here.

It's been said we'd better not fall in love with our shots because it's not our's, it's director's. But that's another story.


Lisa Tao said...

Hey there, nice to meet you =D
I've been checking out your blog for some time now, but this is my first time commenting to a post.
Just wanted to say that I agree to what you mean by falling in love with your character, I think it definitely makes a difference when you love your character or when you don't. I've never really thought about making characters that way, but now it's making alot sense to me =)

Atsushi said...

woohoo. I have an ally now. Thanks for the comment Lisa.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Ooh! Intriguing idea! I think this might be something that every animator has felt before, but maybe never stopped, taken in, and elaborated on.

lion-gv said...

I thought love was the fifth element, not the fourth dimension :)

Rico said...

Love? I can see your point. I guess, all you need is love.

Aaron K said...

long time listener, first time caller.

you sir are a genius.

Atsushi said...

hahaha. I'm glad to hear that many ppl agreed with me. I think it's common reaction for all of us animators. Thanks for all of your comments! it helps me to think I'm normal when my friend told me I'm such a nerd :D

Henry Zhuang said...

hi! I really like your drawings. Been reading your blog for quite some time too. I think its a interesting point you have point out, about falling in love with your character. Now that you mention, i feel that maybe I need to really believe that the character i am animating is real, alive, maybe the choice of acting will turn out to be unique too...? I m not too sure too. Thanks for sharing!! hehe