Thursday, November 17, 2005

Back to Analog

I keep hearing the suggestion that it's better to have a marker so that we can draw some arc or lines on the PC monitor. But I'm using wacom tablet for all of my PC work then, I thought it's okay if I use jsGreasePencil. I had been so stupid that I didn't try by now even though my teacher suggested me to do that.

Just grab a cheap transparent sheet (I'm using left over of trasparent shopping bag), and cheap china marker (just 70 cents in my nearest art store). I just taped the sheet on top of monitor then I can flip that whenever I want to.

The thing is, I feel the same feeling as 2d drawing when I grab the china marker. It's different feeling than grabbing tablet pen. So I seriously feel my brain is switching away from 3d technial brain into 2d drawing brain. In that way I found it easy to pick up some bad tangents, tenshion and better line of action.

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