Thursday, November 03, 2005

Battle Bits!

In my storyboarding class, we were doing group project that we make 30 seconds TV commercial for any of imaginary product we can think of.

I wanted to make new type of cereal. My Idea is like this.

The Cereal has 2 flavors in one box. Actual flavor could chocolate and rice general cereal taste. In TV commercial there is 2 characters that represents 2 flavors. Sergeant Sphere(Rice cereal guy) and Captain Cubic(Chocolate cereal guy). Both captains have their own troopers. They both have visual quality in character design so that kids can distinguish which is the cool guy and which is the villain. They gonna fight in space with weapon made by cereals. Once they got shot, their troopers turns in to cereal then kid in the kitchen found the bowl of cereal saying "WHOA!! This is the coolest cereal ever!!"

I did some sketches of character design and logo for this product.

And here is final version of character model sheet. I designed 2 main characters and logo. Color is done by my friend Vanessa.

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