Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm back here.

I drew this on airplane remembering the girl I met at the airport.

There was a girl carrying backpack of bear when I was waiting my flight in Tokyo airport. so I was sketching her when she is running around her daddy. then her mom noticed I'm sketching her daughter, mom came to my place and she saw my sketchbook. Since my sketch was terrible, I was afraid to expose my crap, but both parents liked my sketch of their daughter. So I gave my sketch to them. I was really happy. We talked a little then they left. They said they are going back to France. I was always thinking about how I can progress/improve my art skill and eventually get a job. But I almost forgot why I'm doing that.


rini said...

just came accross your blog.. nice drawing dude

Atsushi said...

yo rini. you also got nice blog up there. maybe we should stop blogging and face what really have to do now. ehh?