Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Red nose? or not.

lemme drop off my recent character creation before I leave to Japan for spring break (actually my sister's wedding).

I have been really busy by now, and probably I will. My animation class got a lot intersting. I'm really having fun with my teachers. Right now I'm doing animation of Gear Change, an event causing emotional change. When I'm tuckling with my ideas, I came up with some of cool ideas at that moment, but I decided to to gunman fighting shot.

All the time, my idea comes when I'm doodling, so I doodle a lot. yea it's crappy doodles but some of picture got my attention. then I will get idea to go for animation. I dropped here some of my progress of character development. I was thiking about his age and personality at that moment. but never thought *why* he is fighting and *who* he is fighting against (that's what my teachers pointed me out!)

Even tho my teacher didn't point me out, a lot of my friend noticed my character always got reddish nose and they asked me why. Well actually I don't know. it's because that's the way I paint. If it doesn't fit to the character, I have to change it, but I like the visual quality of reddish nose somehow.

Since my animation sucks, I have to re-block whole thing, so I won't have spring break even tho I will be in Japan for a week.


Rico said...


Don't feel to bad.. I have to do the same thing. I like the red nose.. adds character. Have a safe trip.

Atsushi said...

alrighty! thanks Rico.

Anonymous said...

hey don't feel so bad as well, me and tun are doing reblocking at the lab right now.
have a good spring break in japan