Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Drawing for fun.

Doodle of the day.
Well, actually these are not only doodles I did today. I eat lunch with my friends. Then I started to draw my friend's face. Here it goes.

Then they started to draw me. The picture below is my friend's work.

Whoa, how mean they are!!

I forgot who drew this. I really like this.


Jin said...

Hahaha, It was so fun to have lunch with you guys today.

rini said...

awesoomee.. it just looks like you atsushi :P

keko said...

Hey u forgot my drawing hahaha

rini said...

heeeyy..just realized..you guys left me behind!!

Atsushi said...

alright, alright. guys, please be more nice to me, okay?

Ah, poor Rini, We just started sketch group at SF downtown, wanna join?

Tun, yea some of doodle on my notepad was too washy to scan properly.

Hey, guys, my friend, Hyunjung, just got her website up. So, if you are animator, Check that out! you can reach there from my friend's list on my blog.

yuni said...

oh....you really posted it!!! :)
cool I like your drawing.

rini said...

sure .. let me know next time