Saturday, May 27, 2006


Bunch of dirty head studies. I'm finishing my demoreel, will be sending next Monday. I hope I can find a job. I'll post some of my animations soon.

I was lucky that I got ticket for advanced screening of Cars at Pixar Studio tonight. I doubt I don't have to say how great the movie was. That was my first visit of Pixar studio. I don't know others, but for me at least, was seriously exciting event. Since Cars is the first movie I watched in their studio, I won't forget this experience. I went to upstairs gallery, too. And that was just amazing. I have been dreaming to work at there for a long time, thinking how great it would be to work with talented people inspiring me every day. But they are not there only to get inspiration from others, they are inspiring others. I have very long way to go.

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