Tuesday, June 20, 2006


There's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends production blog, didn't know it exists! I thought anyone reading this blog might find it invaluable. Bloo is my fav character after a Buttercup from PPG.

Sorry no update here. I'm in the world of LOST right now. I know I'm late but I just cannot get away from it.


mas said...

Helloooo, atsbomb.
You are in the Lost now? But you haven't gotten anything yet. Just try to find the way you are.. as you did.

Atsushi said...

ah, didn't know you've been checking here from Thailand, man. Well I'm not actually lost, I'm just watching the TV show called LOST :P

Even if i'm lost, i'm sure i'll find a way somewhere. and she will help me out. I'm probably the luckiest guy who got strong bamboo.