Sunday, July 02, 2006


Some doodles I did. I think my drawing lacks solidity all the time, so I have been drawing bunch of cubes and bubbles from different angles in my sketchbook. Well, that's not the only thing I did. I sent my reels to company. Obviously I got no call back so far, only thing I can do is improve my animation so that I can pass my new reel at Siggraph. Anyone going Siggraph this year so that we can meet up?

If we have met in person, you probably know I'm big fan of Ska/Punk music. I know that not much people would have interest even if I recommended some of musics. But I'm telling you again :P These guys are really good, you should have some time to listen thier music. Go and listen "1-800-ALARM-ME" or "People Pops And Fudgesicles For T" is good song, too. I was late to find them, but I haven't got such a big impact after Streetlight Manifesto.

If you like ska, another my favorite band also has online jukebox here. Listen Argentina ska :D

Ah, I realized this is not music blog, but drawing blog! I just feel happy whenever I hear my favorite music. Have a good day!


Jin said...

who is the second guy by the way?

Atsushi said...

i tried to draw Charlie from the tv show "LOST". as i wrote in my japanese words, it was unsuccessful.

man, did you listen to Arrogant Sons of Bitches? their first album is even better! you gotta listen when you back in the bay.