Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Siggraph 2006.

Here is my latest animation, still working on it.

I will be flying off to the Boston this weekend. I'm so excited, after all that'll be my first Siggraph. I'll be busy for running around Job Fair Booth. I hope I can get some good experience at there.

I'm also attending some meetings. I'm in for Angie Jones' BOF, so if you are an Animator, and attending that party, I'm looking for seeing you there. I'm not that much of party animal, so I might be a little shy, but I wanna meet a lot of ppl at there.

Have a nice weekend.


rini said...

if i can say anything about this.. i think you get your idea across ..
you might wanna pay attention on the root at the beginning when he's pulling :)

Jin said...

r u trying to do liquid dynamic?

Rico said...

Hey Atsushi!

Have a great time in Boston and make the best out of Siggraph! I'm not going.. just got back from Comic Con so I'm broke. Yeah, I'm a nerd but aren't we all? Maybe next year when Siggraph comes to San Diego. Great idea on the wieght. See ya... Cheers. Get it?! "CHEERS!" wine bottle.. hahahaha. oh um.. okay. Good luck at the job fair.

Atsushi said...

Thanks, yea, i should be paying attn for more on pelvic area. i still have time! cooo.

what the hell r u talking about? are you dumb or something?

nice! comic con. i wondered if i could make it, too. Yea this was supposed to be weight assignment for "pixies". i was too late to start off tho. i got one phone interview at game company, hope it goes well.

keko said...

Hey I'm agree with Jin. Liquid dynamic is so cool. U must do it. try!! eieiei :P

Atsushi said...

you guys are so retarded!!

Jin said...

u hate us! ^^

Harry "Hare" Sanchez said...

Hey Atsushi,

I have to agree with rini on the hip area. Seems a little static. But it looks great; I really like his weight and force when he's trying really hard. Good stuff!
And have fun at Siggraph, Good luck!! I myself got back from Comic-Con, fun times and now broke.


Atsushi said...

Thanks Harry. Currently I don't have much time to fix it, tho. I should be packing my clothing.

rini said...

so so so how'd goes with the interview thinggy?

Atsushi said...

for those who is wondering my status on interview, As I told rini personaly, I was rejected from my first interview, but yea, I got another one, so I don't have time to being down now. okie, its time to go now, cheers!