Friday, January 04, 2008

No, Vista didn't suck.

It's just me being lazy.

I'm a such a Mac hater, but I'm looking for to see new MacBook. Did any of you hear about new 50% thinner MacBook? Well, let's wait and see. Macworld is almost there. I'm sure it's gonna look sexy anyway.

P.S. How come there's so many sexy gadgets out there lately? Wacom 12WX is the another thing. Maybe we are living in the best era (or the worst).


Goro said...

Glad you're back! Lovely drawings as usual man! And guess what, I bought a 12wx!!
Majide sugoi'ssu! Sassoku e wo kaitazo~, dewa mata...

A sou sou Ilya Brunk tte iuu doitsujin ima polygon pictures ni iruto omoundakedo, moshi attara yoroshiku itteoite. m(_ _)m

Atsushi said...

Cool! I checked your 12wx paintings. damn 12wx looks so sexy when it's running. I tried "Colors" on my DS, too. but never get such a great painting out of it. I should have tried it harder.


Marcelo said...

Glad to see you back in action, Atsushi!
I never liked Mac's either. But I've been slowly converting myself to these sexy machines! =) They're not as bad as I thought.

Here's something you might wanna reflect on about Vista.

Atsushi said...


Yea I know Mac isn't evil. but when I come up with certain amount of money, I just go and buy higher spec PC instead. Vista is just like XP with DirectX10 for me.

enuf of geeky rants.

yucrunk said...

Wow, it's been a while! What's up?
What in the world are you doing
on the other side of the world?
You work over there?

anyway, I'm being lazy too.
still feel like a new year's holiday..

yeah, like everybody says
keep us updating!

Atsushi said...