Saturday, January 19, 2008


Some of my friends remind me of trad animation lately, so I just gave it a try. First I tried it on DS Animanatee found at Goro's blog. Then I found the software is having trouble with saving file with some colors in it. So I switched into Flash. I wish Animanatee could handle saving properly tho because it's so nice and fun to play with DS all the time.

Doing 2D animation is hard! I find myself relying too much on 3D benefits these days. I find wonky spacing everywhere but it's so hard to go back and fix those, while we can tweak on curves in Maya.

Maybe I should have gone more extreme with this, or more experimental way. Because it's so much easier to do something very hard to do in 3D. maybe next time, dunno.


Goro said...

haha great! Didn't try to save an animation with colors in it yet...too bad you couldn't save it.
Cute animation!

Atsushi said...

Yeah, I used a red pencil for my rough animation on BG layer, then saved file gets some weird noises. well I already sent him an email about this, but this might be because of my SDCard or something.

Goro said...

ah..maybe it has something to do with the background layer...I never animated on the backgroundlayer before. I used different colors on the foreground layer and had no problems.

Amy said...

hey kojima-san hisashiburi ne! This is really cute and well done & I'm glad you're posting stuff again.(^^)
(wish i could say the same..) trad animation rocks!