Monday, March 24, 2008

Big move.

So, I have a flight to catch this weekend. I'm going to Singapore to join the team of Clone Wars. Since this is not a contract job like I used to have, the move I'm making is relatively bigger than previous one. I'm coming with Illusion of Life and all that stuff. So it's tough. I packed my scanner and all the art supplies that I can have fun with, but as you probably know I will be working for Mr. Lucas as hard as I'm able to, You might not be seeing quick update anytime soon. But I can show you cool stuff when the show is out, I promise.


Rico said...

You better post something! Have a safe flight and enjoy yourself too! I have a feeling you'll like Singapore. And congratulations on the job!

yusuke said...

Wow, I haven't checked the blog for a while. So you are in Singapore right now! That's exciting! Good luck on everything, and tell us bout your busyx100 life.

Rini Sugianto said...

i might stop by in singapore on december.. if i'm going back home for vacation. we should meet up

Atsushi said...

yup. it's still hard for me to believe the equator sits right there.
it's been amazing here. work is cool, ppl is nice, office is great. i dont find any reason to leave here :D

Rini, definitely lemme know when you visit here.

Goro said...

Great to hear that man!
Hope you get some real jedi training!

Atsushi said...

yea, we have quite amount of lightsabers here. so I will be good at sword fight pretty soon. May the force be with me!