Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hello. I was trying to get back to the world of painting since I've noticed I haven't done any of it in last few years. I put those roughs here mainly because this could be a good chance to get some opinions from people. I'm trying to get the style that I can work with for relatively longer term, that means I don't have to worry about painting style when I'm thinking of character's detail. Anyways, my current concern is how much should I keep the original lines in final painting in order to get most pleasant look. I've tried few variations on this concern roughly, the one with the boy wearing white shirt is having a lot of lines and simple/flat colors but some brush textures. the second green sweatshirt girl is having some rendering on its form but still remains some lines from original drawing. The final one is very rendering centric and some fancy lighting included. I liked the final rendered style but this might be appropriate for illustration but not for a modelsheet. Anyways, if you had few minutes please drop me a line which version would you prefer to see more.

By the way, my previous blog entry had been terminated for several reasons. but that's true I'm still busy to pack my stuff. My flight is set in the end of this month. so there may or may not be new doodle coming up soon.


Rico said...

I hope you doodle soon.

lynnticular said...

Hey Atsushi, this is Vanessa, remember me? :D I like the second style, with just a bit of line. It's probably faster when some of the lines are visible, right? But I think that having some lines gives it definition and a more "animation" style, but too much line doesn't give you as much information about textures like the softness of the hoodie in the second pic. I think the middle picture is the perfect combination! :D

Atsushi said...

thanks, Venessa. yea ppl around me also said the second one feels good. I hope I could have some time to paint my ideas tho! too many ideas and no time. always.