Thursday, December 15, 2005

A day for Kong

Yup. My class is all over now. So I went to see King Kong today.

Watching a movie here is totally different than watching movie in Japan. Theater is big and well equipped, ticket is cheap (it costs around 2o bucks usually in Japan, you won't believe it ehh?) And audience knows a lot of movies. I love spending time with my friend at theater. I love to watch a lot of previews before feature presentation. I love to talk about movie with my friend after the presentation.

I was not big fan of movie before, but since I came here I watched a lot of movies. And I realized how amazing is that many talents are gathering all together and accomplish a great movie such as King Kong. There must be tons of people involved in the movie. Matte painters, Storyboard artists, Costume and Art directer, CG Modeler and Animators, Technical directors, Camera operators and Lighting directors and of course Director. They are all "professionals" and that's why I love them and respect them and want to be one of them some day.

Sorry for my crappy sketch. I sketched little quick before the movie starts.

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