Thursday, December 29, 2005

A letter

Few days ago, I found there is one competition going on in Japan, which requires to use software called Art Rage. I'm not familiar with that software tho, I found it fun to use, so at least I can try. Since deadline is due to end of this year, I should finish this by now. Well I should call this more like quick painting since I couldn't spend much time on it, but yea I got almost everything what I had in my mind. So I will be fixing this when I got more time.

These are preliminary sketches. I wanted to draw Kimono girl with colors of red, black and white. That's what I had in my mind.

Well, after I started to paint on this, I realized my work might be inappropriate for that competition because my work seems way too dark. I will submit this anyways.

For the one who is curious about strange size of composition, I have some explanation on this. Whenever I do drawing of Kimono girl, mainly I'm inspired by Japanese Illustrator Yumeji Takehisa. And he was painting on Japanese folding screen called "Byobu". Since I never tried that form, I thought this is good time to try.

I won't have any new year celebration party tho, I have tons of animation work to do instead! I hope you all have happy new year!

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