Friday, January 13, 2006

Finally my web site is up.

I finally got my domain, so I spend some time to update my latest animations/drawings I've been working on recently.

Besides drawing as my hobby, main thing I'm learning at school is Character Animation. We do have a special class called "Pixar class" here in AAU, which is taught by animators from Emeryville. Luckily I passed demo reel review for last semester, then I have been taught by Spline Doctors last 4 months. With two of great talents, Angus MacLane and Scott Clark, I cannot tell enough how much I've learned from them.

Even tho I upload some of my recent animations, I'm not pretty much satisfied with the stuff I've done so far. Well, I've never been satisfied with my drawing either, I guess that's how it is. I just upload what I could do by now, then I will see the way I will go to next.

I will be working on animation exercises for rest of the holiday.


Rico said...

Hey Atsushi!

I like your site. Makes me want to do a change over on my site. I really like your waiting assignment a lot. See ya in lab.

Atsushi said...

oh yea, thanks! Rico. See you around.

Hans Brekke said...

Hey Atsushi!
Its Hans here. I dont know if you remember me, but we had thanksgiving together at Mike's place a couple of years ago. Thomas Grove and his wife, Yuki was there as well. Just came over your site here, really nice drawings and the waiting animation from the Pixar class looks good.

Atsushi said...

hey Hans, wasup.
of course i do remember you and your funny polar bear animation! it's been a while since i haven't found you in the lab at school. seems like you also got nice blog up there, i will go and check your blog. mainly i'm posting my crappy sketches here, even tho not much of animation will be posting here, hope you find my blog fun to read. cool.